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Paul Winchell-Jerry & Knucklehead visit The Lucy Show  


The probability that I will probably never finish this series is high. Like 99% sure I will never work on it again due to just me growing up mentally and some of the shitty things fans put me through while I was making it. It doesn’t exist anymore on it’s own site, I took it down from Deviantart years ago so I figure, I might as well post it somewhere. It was four years of on and off work. So here it is: That terrible, bloody, very dark AU Darkwing Duck comic series (that I probably got more gift OF than I drew FOR) that I only completely one issue for:


The entirety of issue one is under this read more. With its typos/grammar errors, anatomy issues and all. The only thing I edited was my old pen name because I do not use it anymore and I do not WANT to be referred to it. The product of my childhood obsession and based on so many highschool line paper doodles than you can imagine.


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Quad City DJ’s - Space Jam vs. Darude - Sandstorm

#TheSarkeesianEffect Teaser No.1, October 2014  

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Peter Cushing and his perfectly chiseled face in The Horror of Dracula (1958)